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How we develop apps

Do you already have an app idea in mind or a problem you need to solve? We will help you sort your ideas and together we will find the best solution.
Together we can determine who your target group is and how it can be reached best. We will design specific features and reshape them to your technical specifications.
We have the idea, target group, plan and design. Now it’s time to get creating and begin the development of iOS and Android apps - programming, coding and testing until we have a perfect product.

SYNEVISION - augmented reality

Do you want to connect the physical world with the digital one in a new way? Do you want to be more intriguing than your competitors and give your customers brand new experience? Forget about tacky QR codes, it's time for augmented reality.


Find out the price estimate of developing and customizing a mobile app.

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New app is released, we have took the backend over, we learned many functions interesting for your business

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In Prague, these product professionals meet under the heading Product tank Prague. This time it was at venue significant to the topic and the background for the discipline - LMC.

To help ourselves and the whole development community grow and to show the best mobile apps to the public. That’s the new AppParade’s mission.

The next AppParade is coming soon. We talked about this platform for mobile developers, clients and tech fans with its director and our CEO Vratislav Zima. What you didn't know about AppParade, but you definitely should?

For those who love this type of work, we always have a spot open.