App development is our passion and our speciality

Developing Android and iOS apps that make the lives of over 3,500,000 people across the planet easier is what makes our heart skip a beat. Whether you want to do business or change the world, let's do it together.

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Apps we are proud of



5 years of our app development team work, 61 markets, millions of euros, hundreds of thousands of products sold and millions of users worldwide. That is our cooperation with Oriflame, for which we have developed and are constantly improving the shopping application. A new feature is the augmented reality SYNEVISION, which simplifies purchasing from the catalog.

Internal systems

Digitization of internal processes can save companies millions and reduce employee frustration from repetitive mundane work. We have followed through with this idea by developing a Direct finance application for managing corporate budgets, simplifying the training of e-learning applications for Oriflame and helping to automate corporate accounting with app.
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Direct echo

It's a sure thing that we are good at iOS and Android app development. But we can also handle IoT without any problem. We have proved that on the Direct echo project, where we connected the app with motion and water sensors. The user will get an instant notification whenever something happens.
Social network


In the last 2 years we have developed a social network for dog lovers called Fiddo. We implemented the ability to search for a lost dog, there is the possibility of chatting, sharing photos and videos or GPS locator and a map accustomed for owners ... We are constantly improving the functions.
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The time to use augmented reality in your business is now

Augmented reality is coming to fruition as a relevant medium linking business, entertainment and education. Do you want to keep up with the times? Then SYNEVISION is right for you. Augmented reality which makes you remembered.

How does app development work

Do you already have an app idea in mind or a problem you need to solve? We will help you sort your ideas and together we will find the best solution.
Together we can determine who your target group is and how it can be reached best. We will design specific features and reshape them to your technical specifications.
We have the idea, target group, plan and design. Now it’s time to get creating and begin an iOS and Android app development - programming, coding and testing until we have a perfect product.
The first version
The app is born, but that’s not where it ends. We go through a round of feedback and after everything is confirmed by you, we place the app into virtual stores. As well as creating the application, we will also help you with communication and marketing.
Edits and updates
You now have a great app - we'll make sure it stays great. We constantly monitor users’ opinions, conduct updates and fix bugs and errors.

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For those who love this type of work, we always have a spot open.