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Do you already have an app idea in mind or a problem you need to solve? We will help you sort your ideas and together we will find the best solution.
Together we can determine who your target group is and how it can be reached best. We will design specific features and reshape them to your technical specifications.
We have the idea, target group, plan and design. Now it’s time to get creating and begin the development of iOS and Android apps - programming, coding and testing until we have a perfect product.


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7 tips on when it makes sense to create a mobile app for your projects

Uber, Airbnb, Tinder, Viber, Instagram… those mobile apps are being used by millions and their creators definitely don’t experience poverty… But bear in mind, that not every app is predetermined to such success...

WWDC - The Best Conference of My Life

This year’s WWDC was perhaps the best one ever. The only one close to that was the one, where Swift was introduced. Which sessions should you watch as iOS Developer, so that your head won’t go round this fall?

Is it your first time getting an app developed? We can give you a few tips

A significant moment has come! Finally, you have decided and you are sure that you need to get your project onto mobile platforms and you are wondering who to ask to get the mobile application developed… And you’re still searching.

Bye Java, hello Kotlin alias what do we love about Kotlin @SYNETECH

In this article, I would like to share our one-year long experience with Kotlin on Android platform. Keep reading if you want to learn about why and how to use Kotlin in your app.

For those who love this type of work, we always have a spot open.