How much does app development cost?

In order to save your precious time and avoid possible confusion about the price, we have written a guide for you to understand how much could app development of different sizes of apps cost.

Whether you are a contractor, a small business or a corporation, we will be happy to design your dream app for you. However, it is important (and also fair) to know what would be the minimum cost of Android or iOS app development.

App development of small sized project

Do you like going to educational conferences? Then you know what kind of apps are we talking about.

A conference app for Android or iPhone is a typical example of a small app. It contains basic static information such as an event schedule, site map, or information about what is included in the conference price. You can add the program points to your favorites.

Number of screens
Technical difficulty
Low. This type of app contains only static content without a server connection. Data is saved directly in app without the need of a database. This is default technology.
8.500 €
8.500 € for Android or iOS app development (No backend and server cost. Graphics included)

App develoment of medium sized project

Imagine for example a cooking app that contains lots of recipes and tips to impress your dinner guests.

First, the users are introduced to the onboarding section, where they learn about the application features and controls and after signing up a clickable recipe list unrolls. These are downloaded from the server and contain a detailed description and photos of the food.

Everything works offline as well, and you can save individual recipes to favorites or upload your own photo.

Number of screens
Technical difficulty
Medium. The app is linked to a server to retrieve a small amount of data. For example, user authentication or media loading is included.
18 500 €
18 500 € for both Android and iOS app development (No backend and server cost. Graphics are included.)

App development of large sized project

A grande application. A social network even!

Just like a medium-sized Android or iOS app, the big ones will provide the user with an onboarding and introduction to the basic features. After signing up, the app can also work as a social network that contains analytics and data about the app users.

Users can make a post, like and or share (and sometimes delete - we always remember this option as well). Through a map, they can see other active users and receive notifications ... if they allow them.

Number of screens
Technical difficulty
High. Most content is downloaded from the server, different technologies are used, including very advanced ones. The app can also notify, play media or show maps.
50.000 €
50.000 € for both Android and iOS app development (No backend and server costs. Graphics are included)

Why is mobile app development expensive?


Mobile app development takes several months as we are creating a brand new product together.


Every client's mobile app is tailored to their needs from the beginning. We do not use templates that already exist, instead we develop everything from scratch.


Whether it's an Android or iOS platform, each are developed separately. That's why you need a professional for each platform.


iPhone or Android app development requires a team of at least five people. Such team consists of an app developer for each platform, a project leader who takes care of the client's needs, graphic designer, an UX specialist and, last but not least, a tester.

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