The time to start using augmented reality in your business is… right now.

Do you need to kick start your business? Are you looking for new ways to attract customers and simplify their purchasing process? Do you want to be different from the competition? Use augmented reality (AR) - technology; where digitized information and objects can be projected through your phone’s display onto the real world.

Augmented reality SYNEVISION for catalogue

How does it work? It’s simple.

You just point your smartphone at any real-world object, catalog or poster. We put the whole scene into motion, add information or guide the user directly to your e-shop.

Virtual versus augmented reality

These terms are often used together and can be easily confused, so what’s the difference between them?

Augmented reality (AR) adds digital elements to the real world through the camera on a smartphone. Examples include - graphics, text, links, videos etc. No special tools are needed - no glasses, no helmet. Augmented reality can be experienced by anyone who has a smartphone - and these days, that is everyone.

Virtual reality (VR) on the other hand, allows you to find yourself in a completely new simulated environment and interact with it. The user can experience virtual reality, for example, by putting on a special helmet or goggles, or by entering a specially adapted room.

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How to use augmented reality?

The covid crisis has only accelerated the inevitable - the digitization of our lives. Augmented reality is no longer just a buzzword or a sci-fi trend that only big global brands can afford.

Thanks to our SYNEVISION, this technology is available to anyone who wants to:

  • attract new customers,
  • increase sales,
  • increase engagement of existing customers,
  • make the decision-making process of customers easier,
  • treat the user to a unique experience,
  • save costs (for example the cost of building a showroom).

Augmented reality SYNEVISION for 3D objects

Augmented Reality - Global numbers speak for themselves

  • There are over 3 billion smart mobile devices in the world.
  • A 10-fold increase in transmission speed awaits us thanks to the 5G network.
  • Vogue has already used 3D models and augmented reality to increase conversions by 250 %.
  • Forbes estimates that the AR segment will grow globally by 78% this year.
  • For 2021, the global market is estimated to be worth $ 215 billion.

“Research has shown that the viewer consumes content twice as long through augmented reality than through virtual photos and videos. And the best thing about it all is that there is no need for additional solutions such as Oculus , Google goggles - you will see everything in your phone, which we all have with us every day. ”

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Possibilities of use or who will benefit from augmented reality?

We dare say that anyone who gives it a chance. The possibilities of use are almost unlimited, all you have to do is let us know and we can design and implement everything together.

Augmented reality and our product SYNEVISION is an ideal solution for:

  • catalogues,
  • instructions and manuals,
  • e-shops and e-commerce,
  • educational institution,
  • museums and galleries,
  • premium products,
  • smart buildings,
  • games and entertainment,
  • travelogues,
  • cookbooks
  • … and we are sure that you have certainly thought about many more ideas that fit your business niche.


Augmented reality SYNEVISION for exibitions posters

How can you get SYNEVISION?

You don’t have your own app?

It doesn’t matter, we have prepared the basis of AR applications for both Android and iOS, which we will wrap in your branding. We will deliver the content, we will prepare the basic settings and you too can take full advantage of augmented reality.

Do you already have your app?

No problem! We can implement SYNEVISION augmented reality into your already existing application.

… What about your customers?

They download the app, open it and simply point the camera at the object you have specified (in our experience, it is most often a poster, a catalog or a real product) and then they will just be amazed. The application recognizes the object and links it to a video, text description, plays music, or plays other multimedia content.

Do you see potential in augmented reality like we do? Let’s change the world together!


Who has already been amazed by SYNEVISION?

We have already had the honor of designing and applying our SYNEVISION for clients like Oriflame, or Festival Svobody by Díky, že můžem. We have presented it at our AppParade competition and we are continuing to test the possibilities and limits of this technology.

Oriflame catalogues

The application, which is currently used by over 1,000,000 people a month in 60 countries around the world, simplifies the purchase of cosmetic products. In addition to the customer gaining an extraordinary and practical experience while physically shopping, we regularly update and enrich the product catalog as well with our SYNEVISION augmented reality.

Freedom Festival (Festival Svobody)

We gave life to advertising posters and CLVs. We added historical videos, photos of graphics and increased student engagement with the already existing posters about the Velvet Revolution displayed at high schools and universities.

We can do augmented reality

There has never been a better opportunity to plunge headfirst into augmented reality. Most mobile devices, both Android and iPhone, are now powerful enough to use the technology, and right now this widespread AR communication with customers is hardly used by anyone.

What needs to be done to use AR?

First of all, contact us at Simply let us know about your interest and we will be happy to come up with a plan for a SYNEVISION app for your business.


Do you want an app?

For those who love this type of work, we always have a spot open.