Are you going to launch a new product? We have a few tips on how to define it the right way.

In Prague, these product professionals meet under the heading Product tank Prague. This time it was at venue significant to the topic and the background for the discipline - LMC.

product consultacy and product tank

I dedicate myself passionately to products, so I have put together some tips on what you should definitely not miss when creating your products and what you should always keep in mind.

What is a Product tank?

Product tank is an international group of enthusiasts and professionals involved in product creation and management, which can be found at Mind the product. Because product creation and marketing is a complex discipline, which, moreover, is far from over with the above introduction, there was much to talk about.

Why SYNETECH and Product tank meetup

Actually, we have several reasons.

One of them is that we want to be a partner for our customers. Also, the view on the product creation discipline connects us with them very much. It is not only about the right teamwork, but it is also necessary to know how complex the product is, where its values are and how they can do the best in helping our customers. Last but not least, it is also necessary to co-prioritize with the client and, above all, to understand the reasons why what is done, is being done. Product creation is not a simple matter, so it should a be approached like that.

Among other things, we intend to further develop our own AR product SyneVision that you can see in projects like Festival Svobody by Díky, že můžem or the main product mobile app Beauty Oriflame.

What did we learn from the Meetup?

First Michal Smetana from Pipedrive told us a lot about how to work with Tribes and Missions framework .

Our takeaways were the following recommendations:

  • Clear vision (of the product), aligned with the company’s goals
  • Autonomous team with supported product leaders
  • Proper team motivation

As the best lecture I would evaluate a suggestive narrative by Pavel Jirskák from AVAST, which was a personal story of the product journey from learning through grinding knowledge to putting into practice methodologies and processes (learn it, master it and tweak it). For me, the best knowledge from the lecture is:

  • Work with the client as much as possible, listen
  • Build on trust and real problems solving
  • Every situation and product is unique, adapt your product processes accordingly
software product motto

Evan Sendra works at STRV as head of the production team. His lecture was a lot about recruitment of people to product management, but it can also draw general conclusions about functioning of the whole company. The final advices, that got my attention the most were:

  • A new person must fit the culture of the company
  • Preparation is necessary and it is good to have 3 requirements that cannot be negotiated
  • Let’s be open to all applicants equally
  • Let’s invest in PR events for getting in touch

As you can see, there was a lot going on and we are curious about implement everything in practice. Of course we will continue to share our insights, achievements, fails and valuable experience on our blog, so look forward to it and we are also curious about the whole process. And what are the most important conclusions from the entire Product Tank?

a. The product must have team vision and alignment

b. The team should ideally sit together and be very autonomous

c. To be in harmony with the company’s goals is crucial and it must be communicated regularly

d. Repetition of success is key to mastering and developing knowledge

e. The scaling of teams in a product is tricky and needs to be given great attention

f. Product management is a full-time job and it’s fun :-)

So all the best to products and mobile application development!

Zbyněk Hraše

Zbyněk is an athlete’s body and soul and is also great in cutting vegetables for the whole team. He actually likes to cook. He has years of experience as Project Manager and has been involved in the creation of IT products for the past 5 years. At SYNETECH he works as a product consultant.