M-learning is an effective and fast form of education, not only in times of pandemic

The digital world is closer to us than ever. Few could have imagined how fundamentally our lives would change in 365 days. We keep human contact to a minimum, companies have moved into home offices and have had to adapt to keep the involvement of their employees with their work effective. We have started using new tools and m-learning is one of them. Education by telephone brings unexpected fruit.

Online teaching is experiencing a boom

Even the basic pillars of the offline world, such as education, had to adapt rapidly and adapt to the digital transformation in 2020. Students no longer meet in classrooms, but on the screens of their computers - right now, more than 6 million of them around the world are getting a college education through online courses. The possibilities of e-learning, webinars and other online educational tools began to be looked into by companies, public institutions and cultural entities.

  • From mid-March to mid-April 2020 alone, Google searches for online courses increased by more than 100% .

Online education is nothing new, but this is the time to focus on its real effectiveness and development. As early as 2019, 81% of college students in the United States confirmed that digital learning technology had helped them improve their grades.

Interactive and short lessons

The average person checks their cell phone about 150 times a day. And what if they could learn something new in a few minutes every time they “checked” the phone or traveled by public transport? Mobile learning allows us to learn anytime, anywhere. Courses are usually adapted into very short lessons, enriched with interactive elements and notifications that keep you constantly learning. You are always within reach of the material covered and, compared to classical education, it is much easier to memorize.

  • We will forget half of the information learned in the standard way within an hour, and within 24 hours up to 70% of the information will clear like smoke from our heads.

You learn faster and more

As we know, motivation is the most important driving force in any form of education. In m-learning, the huge amount of information that is expected to be absorbed as in traditional education doesn’t loom above the heads of students or company employees. The material covered comes to them gradually, they test their knowledge during the course and at any time they can repeat the previous lesson. As many as 70% of people say that they are more motivated to learn more thanks to mobile education.

  • Mobile students complete courses up to 45% faster and study 40 minutes longer each week than students studying on a computer.

Educational tool for companies

The advantage of m-learning is not only the effective memorization of information, it is also a great educational tool for companies whose employees spend most of their time traveling, working remotely or have branches on the other side of the globe. An example is the m-learning application we created for the Swedish brand Oriflame. Through it, brand consultants and ambassadors around the world can be educated and obtain all the information they need from the parent company.

“More and more often, we were asked by different markets whether employees could take courses offline, which was not possible with our web-based e-learning platform.”, Joakim Wissing, Digital Product Director of Oriflame Cosmetics, describes one of the reasons for creating an m-learning application. “People wanted to be able to study on the train, or for example, when they didn’t have an internet connection.”

“Even though the application has only been launched in Turkey so far, we can already see that it has succeeded. Our consultants can download courses to their mobile phones and complete them anytime and anywhere. ”, adds Johan Bisenius, E-learning Project Manager from Oriflame.

Save money, time and energy

Thanks to m-learning applications, companies can also save a lot of money and energy. They no longer have to organize regular training, now they just send employees or newcomers to the company a link to the application with the necessary courses. This will satisfy many times more participants, because they are not limited by physical capacities and time possibilities. The employees themselves will certainly welcome the fact that they do not have to absorb all the information at once in a closed meeting room during one afternoon. They can spread the curriculum over several periods and return to it at any time.

“We also knew that nowadays it is a big barrier for people to go and start learning about e-learning. So we wanted to try to lower this threshold. We live in a world that is focused on mobile devices, and the application you always have on hand is the solution, ” explains Joakim.

The right time to start?

At SYNETECH, we offer clients pre-prepared m-learning applications, which we adapt in terms of design and technology to the company’s needs. They contain the company logo, font and colors. We have developed our applications to allow you to insert educational texts, videos, courses, notifications or various quizzes.

You can:

  • view the details of each course,
  • create your own profile,
  • add a new course
  • or see the analytics about each employee’s course completion.

We ourselves can see how our lives have changed in the last year. People have more time and want to be educated. The series on Netflix is ​​no longer the only escape from the pandemic, and the numbers prove it. The most well-known language teaching application, Duolingo, increased the number of users by 101% in one week in March last year, and then grew by about 40% each week. In total, the value of the company increased by almost a billion dollars in half a year.

Perhaps, thanks to the corona crisis, we have reached a stage where we are beginning to completely change the processes we are used to and are starting to replace them with new technologies, which as a result can bring much higher efficiency.

Do you also feel that now is the time to start m-learning in your company, school or organization? Contact us, we will be happy to discuss all of the possibilities with you.