Android Developer (Junior)

Do you already have any experience with Kotlin and do you want to move forward in the entire Android development?

If you like learning, you have a passion for this platform and a desire to work for Czech and international clients, be sure to read on. We will be happy to help you with the development in other technologies.

What technologies will you get at us and what can you learn?

  • We use the latest procedures and frameworks, but we only switch to them when we have full confidence in their stability.
  • Since 2017, we have been writing everything in Kotlin.
  • We build apps in the MVVM architecture, which we divide into a multi-module project.
  • In project setup, we gradually minimize Groovy.
  • We use the Kotlin Gradle script on all new projects.

We write the code reactively, for which we have RxJava, which is also suitable for processing local events and in cooperation with Retrofit and OkHttp for connecting to API servers or for observing changes in the Room database.

As for the “native” libraries from Google, we are experimenting with the JetPack set, both in navigation, when working with Workers or the already mentioned Room. And if we need to get any classes from outside to class, we’ll reach for Koin. Fastlane then helps us maintain the quality of the code at CI.

What awaits you here?

  • Open budget for education - every month you can spend 3 MDs training in the field.
  • Know-how of the Android team, when together you define the goals where you want to move yourself and the whole platform.
  • Free principles without unnecessary reports and hierarchies, self-governing teams.
  • A bunch of new friends, trips (to Croatia, mountains… ), regular barbecues, doing sports together, board games or a refrigerator full of Red Bull or lemonades.
  • Background of offices in Letná and already a matter of course - the possibility to work from anywhere.

If you want to get to know us even more, check out FB, IG or a blog.

Does that sound interesting?

Contact us and attach your CV or other information.

We would like to meet you, for example, at Letná or at a joint lunch or beer :) Don’t expect any interviews, we are mainly about getting to know each other and reconciling our expectations.

We look forward to.

Android Developer (Junior)