Backend Developer

Want to gain more experience with technologies like Mongo, Node.js or work with images and JavaScript Storage API?

We are looking for senior, medior and promising juniors who want to learn. You would help us improve the backend part of applications for clients such as the Swedish Oriflame, the Czech Jablotron or the German tado °, their app has hundreds of thousands of users throughout Europe.

What does our Tech Stack look like?

We have large clients who often use their own infrastructure, to which we contribute, so you can try a lot of different technologies.

  • Node.js is a foundation that you can’t do without. We’ve already touched Mongo Realm, Firebase, Azure Cloud, AWS Amplify and Cloudflare.
  • When we design the whole system from scratch, we use Firebase as the backend of mobile applications.
  • For business logic, we always prefer serverless functions, for example Firebase Functions, Realm Functions or Cloudflare Workers.
  • Sometimes we don’t even avoid containerization in Docker.
  • We implement continuous integration and delivery in Gitlab CI and more complex tasks in Ansible.

Historically, we operate and maintain the Image recognition service, accepting thousands of requests daily.

You can see the overall Tech Stack of our House of Web here.

What can you expect from us?

  • Open budget for education - every month you can spend 3 MDs training in the field.
  • The know-how of the web team with the guarantor Tadeáš, when you jointly define the goals where you want to develop yourself and the whole platform.
  • Principles of teal organization without unnecessary reports and hierarchies, self-managing teams.
  • A bunch of new friends, trips (to Croatia, mountains… ), regular barbecues, doing sports together, board games or a refrigerator full of Red Bull or lemonades.
  • The background of offices in Letná and of course - the possibility to work from anywhere.

If you want to get to know us even more, check out FB, IG or a blog.

And if you are interested in how we build the frontend part, then be sure to look at our ad looking for a Frontend Developer.

Sounds interesting?

Contact us and attach your CV or other information.

We would like to meet you, for example, at Letná or at a joint lunch or beer :) Don’t expect any interviews, we are mainly about getting to know each other and reconciling our expectations.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Backend Developer