Backend Developer, that knows how to deploy it

Are you a Backend developer and you also know how to deploy your creations?

Then you are just the one we're looking for! Our software development agency grows and therefore we need someone for this position.

We appreciate any developer, but we have some specific requirements though...

• Experience with JavaScriptem / Node.js.

• At least a year of experience with Docker is preferred.

• If you know how to use Ansible, you will get some bonus points for that.

Of course, if you’ll convince us about your skills, the shorter amount of time using these technologies won’t be a problem.

If you also know something about DevOps with your Backend skills is a perfect match.

You definitely won’t get bored, because you will work on very diverse projects. Also, friendly office atmosphere matters a lot for us. Explore our Facebook or Instagram and if you’ll like us, it will be a pleasure to meet you.