UX/UI Designer

Are you capable of preparing a mobile or web application proposal? Do you want to be the first in-house UX/UI Designer in a company that will excite you?

Then you are the one we are looking for.

We are looking for a designer who will help our clients realize their ideas from the very beginning. First we will figure out their needs and problems and if a mobile or web application is the ideal solution, then your task will be to design the UX / UI structure and work on completing the final design.

You will be a key person in our team, because you will be building the foundations of the design thinking processes for SYNETECH. So we expect a great deal of independence, which will be a great advantage for you because you will have a chance to really determine the style of future SYNETECH software products -UX methods, work-flow and User-Centric adn Data-Driven culture.

Experience with web and mobile applications and extensive knowledge of the Design Guidelines are crucial for us - especially knowing how the iOS and Android platforms differ from each other and how specific they are. You should also know the difference between a Lo-Fi and a Hi-Fi prototype.

How do we imagine your role?

Simply put - you will design meaningful and intuitive applications to impress the client :)

A few more details..

1. Identify and understand the client's needs. Ask the right questions and not be afraid to communicate with large companies.

2. Design the flow of applications and Lo-Fi prototype.

3. Test the proposal with users or customers..

4. Create Hi-Fi prototype (to demonstrate the final UI design).

5. Present everything to the client and defend the proposed solution.

6. Prepare the final UI (repeat point 2 → 5 until done) :)

7. Hand over to the developers a design proposal that reflects the possibilities of the technology which will be used for the development (it is therefore important to know how to export assets correctly).

8. Check the final implementation from the developers.

If you feel that the above steps would make you happy in your career, then we look forward to meeting you.

In return we offer:

An adequate salary and company benefits are given of course (definitely for us), so we would rather tell you that we will entertain you full-time on various projects.

Does that sound good to you?

Send us your CV, project portfolio and ideally your mobile and web application designs, and we can hopefully work on the next one together.

Cheers to good application developments and those with quality screens in particular!