UX/UI Designer

Do you want to be part of a growing UX team and design for mobile and web applications in a company with free principles and self-governing teams?

In our House of Design you will find various projects in the areas of Fashion & Beauty, IoT, Education, Traveling or Health Care. You will become the third member of the design team and you will have the opportunity to influence its direction.

See how we work and if you agree with us in our approaches and follow them in your work, be sure to write to us…

  • Quality research and data collection is the basis of any good design.
  • We try to empathize with the users, understand their needs, problems and design solutions with maximum value for reasonable effort.
  • Rather than problem-solvers, we are problem-seekers = in design, we address the cause of the problem, not its consequences.
  • Instead of long theorizing, we prototype the idea, test it with users, and improve iteratively.
  • We are not afraid to throw away an idea, when it turns out that it is not good, we always try to make an objective evaluation.
  • We adapt the design to the purpose and function of the product, we avoid design exhibitions.
  • We eliminate everything disturbing and unnecessary from the design, we focus on what is essential for the product.
  • We consider the perfect design to be a state where nothing can be removed.
  • We believe that “less but better” is a great approach to product design.
  • Humility in the team helps us admit shortcomings and learn quickly.

What is important to us?

Rather than hard skills, we welcome your motivation and desire to learn new things.

And if you don’t fall into the blind love of your designs, you can admit that you may have been wrong and supplement your knowledge, so we will get along :)

What awaits you here?

  • Open budget for education -every month you can spend 1 MD “catching up”.
  • Opportunity to build a strong UX team, where you will share your know-how with two other designers Dušan and Lukáš and together you define goals where you want to move yourself and your work.
  • Free principles without unnecessary reports and hierarchies, self-managing teams.
  • A bunch of new friends, trips (to Croatia, mountains…), regular barbecues, doing sports together, boards or a refrigerator full of Red Bull and lemonade.
  • Background of offices in Letná and already a matter of course - the opportunity to work from anywhere.

Do you want to know a little more about us? Take a look at our FB, IG or blog :)

Sounds interesting?

Contact us and attach your CV and portfolio.

We would like to meet you, for example at Letná or at a call. Don’t expect any interviews, our main concern is to get to know each other and reconcile our expectations.

We look forward to hearing from you.

UX/UI Designer