UX/UI Designer

Are you capable of preparing a mobile or web application proposal? Do you want to be the first in-house UX/UI Designer in a company that will excite you?

Then you are the one we are looking for.

We are looking for a designer who will help our clients realize their ideas from the very beginning. First we will figure out their needs and problems and if a mobile or web application is the ideal solution, then your task will be to design the UX / UI structure and work on completing the final design.

We expect a great deal of independence from you. You will have a chance to set the methodology, workflow and UX / UI processes according to yourself. We are proponents of User-Centric and Data-Driven principles, so if you agree with this style of creating software products, be sure to read on.

What is essential for us?

Experience with web and mobile applications and extensive knowledge of the Design Guidelines are crucial for us - especially knowing how the iOS and Android platforms differ from each other and how specific they are. You should also know how to use styles and that 60 colors and 10 font sizes in one project doesn’t fit the bill.

And we can’t do without fluent Czech and communicative English.

How do we imagine your role?

Simply put - you will design meaningful and intuitive applications so that the client is amazed and the developers do not tear their hair over the design :)

A few more details…

You will need to:

  • identify and understand the needs of the client (without good questions and communication it will not work),
  • be able to work with the client’s brand guidelines, fonts, colors…
  • design the application flow and prototype,
  • prepare a final draft of the UI,
  • be able to present you solution to the client,
  • hand over to the developers a design proposal that reflects the possibilities of the technology in which it will be developed (you need to know how to export assets),
  • final implementation check from developers.

If you feel that the above steps would make you happy in your career, then we look forward to meeting you.

What do we offer in return?

  • Adequate salary and company benefits.
  • Full time and assurance of long-term cooperation.
  • Diversity - you will not work on one product indefinitely, you will reach for web/mobile applications, startup or international projects.
  • Our support in the implementation of your ideas.
  • Opportunity to set up all processes according to your ideas.

Does that sound good to you?

Send us your CV, project portfolio and ideally your mobile and web application designs. Maybe we will do the next one together.

Cheers to good application developments and those with quality screens in particular.

UX/UI Designer