Internet of Things (IoT), your smart helper

There is great potential in IoT and we learned a lot about this technology on the Direct echo project. We were drawn in to the tech, so we decided to bring smart sensors closer to you.

What is IoT (Internet of Things)?

Internet of Things mobile app Direct echo

Internet of Things is a term for various modern remote control devices connected and communicating with each other using the Internet. For example in your home, different sensors communicate with your smartphone, letting you easily control aspects of your home such as lights, heating, cameras or sensors. But there are many possible ways of use.

The bright future of the Internet of Things

Thanks to the upcoming 5G revolution, the Internet of Things has huge potential. Higher bit rates and faster speeds will allow much smoother operation and a more varied use of this technology.

We are proud to be part of one of the IoT projects that makes a lot of sense - Direct echo.

What does Direct echo do?

Direct Echo is an app connected to two types of sensors. The system takes care of the security of your home or cottage. The motion sensor will let you know if, for example, the front door moves or an unusual movement is detected. The water sensor monitors for leaks in your property.

With Direct echo you can control all of the sensors together, giving you an instant alert whenever something happens and the ability to respond appropriately.

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How was the app development?

We obtained the contract on the basis of previous cooperation with Direct company, for which we developed an app for the managing of corporate finances Direct finance. Originally, it was supposed to be just a small one-month project on Android MVP (minimum viable product), it was followed by its complete redesign and change of approach to alarms and notifications.

The biggest challenge was to find the right balance to alert users, but not to be too intrusive.

What interesting technologies have we used?

  • Notifications: classic and so-called “silent” push notifications. Classic notifications inform user about the alarm, silent notifications notify the phone that a certain change has occurred on the server.
  • Run-time caching to increase efficiency and save the number of queries called to the server.

Dream cooperation

Our team remained stable and we were able to suggest improvements for the app. So we moved from the client-supplier relationship to a partnership level, where we helped each other beyond contracts and mutual responsibilities. In other words, the ideal situation.

“SYNETECH has developed the 5th version of the app for the management of innovative motion and water sensors called Direct Echo for us. We know exactly what we will receive and we also appreciate fairness, transparency, precision and personal approach with the client. ”

Dominik Fronc, Project Manager

IoT app

It is a pleasure to take the project as our own

We were present during the inception and initial conception of the idea, and although the beginning may have been a little complicated because of the expansion of the original idea and its formation, we think of Direct echo as our child and we are proud of it.

SYNETECH and the Internet of Things

SYNETECH itself does not produce the sensors, but the sensors communicate with a server, which then communicates with the app we develop. So we can work with your solution or preferred brand. Additionally, as the quality of the sensors moves forward, the batteries are beginning to last for several years, they are smaller and more sensitive. There is no problem to change and update them continually depending on app compatibility.

IoT technology limits?

The user may be prompted to handle the sensor directly, with a single diode and one pushbutton, and for example, a water sensor does not even have a pushbutton (each hole brings the risk of leakage). Everything can look dangerous, but that’s the beauty of the concept. Just place the sensor and nothing else is needed from you. Sounds interesting? We know it does.

Do you like the idea of Direct echo? You can try it too. We can assure you your household will not get flooded.

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