A mobile e-commerce application for a global company

We have been working with the Swedish company Oriflame for 5 years providing mobile application development. It all started with a small project for the Chinese division. Today, as a trusted partner, we take care of running and developing their core online product sales application.

Oriflame Sweden e-commerce mobile app

What problem does the Oriflame application solve?

The Oriflame application simplifies the purchasing process of over 2,000 items in 60 markets and is used regularly by millions of users per month. In addition to providing an extraordinary experience to practical purchasing, it enriches the product catalog with regular updates, augmented reality and our own product SYNEVISION.


The first assignment was to get the sales web page onto the mobile phone as a WebView. The application became more and more popular, more users and logins were added, and at that moment the project became interesting -it is therefore necessary to cooperate with the website as much as possible without the user knowing what WebView and what a native application is.

What did the client think?

He was excited!

As proof, the originally small project has become a long-term partnership and the development of mobile applications in SYNETECH has gained momentum. We are now involved in the process of developing the app as well as creating new features and implementing them in each market.

The Oriflame application in numbers

  • 1 000 000 users use our application every month.
  • 600 000 sales sessions per month.
  • 3 000 products we look after sales of 2-3 000 products.
  • 61 markets we adjust the app, create language variations and individual multilevel marketing for each of those markets.

Oriflame Sweden e-commerce app development

The Oriflame application and used technologies

  • iOS - Objective-C, Swift
  • Android - Java, Kotlin
  • Architectures - (B)Viper, MVVM
  • GraphQL, API adapter, WebView, GenGen,
  • Augmented reality SYNEVISION.

Technological challenges

Definitely WebView in the application with minimal interference in web development.

For example, we were finding the solution to keep user logged in at all times, even in a situation where the website logs him out after 30 minutes. There have been countless such tasks and we will be happy to share the advantages and disadvantages with you in the following text.

We still enjoy developing the application and looking for solutions to integrate the native parts of the application.

Over the years, we have also rewritten the application several times, keeping it completely up-to-date in architectures.

What is our approach to creating a global e-commerce application?

On small projects, the client tested that we didn’t just have the professional knowledge, but that we also met their goals as much as possible and went beyond what was expected of us.

Our team shows above-standard commitment, delivering outputs of the highest quality and the drive to never let any of our clients down.

Oriflame Sweden application development

What does Oriflame pay us for?

Application stability

The mobile app needs to be stable, work at all times, and be fast in order to run on almost any smartphone (even ones from India).

A senior and effective team product oriented

It is important that we have an internal team of top people dedicated only to developing mobile applications for Oriflame.

The team includes 1-2 Android and 1-2 iOS Developers, Project Manager and Quality Assurance department.

We are looking for the right technological solutions to match a business’ challenges

The client knows their local markets best, prioritizes their needs, and together with global Oriflame IT and the Product Owner, we figure out the ideal process and technology which enables us to put our vision into practice.

All together = partner - partner relationship

Clear and regular reporting contributes to mutual satisfaction.

Reference letter from Oriflame Product Owner

Not every catalog uses augmented reality and it’s a pity

SYNEVISION - EXTENDED REALITY that simplifies purchasing

When the client needed the ability to be able to recognize any image on the pages of the catalog, we designed our own customized solution that exceeded expectations.

This gave birth to our SYNEVISION algorithm, which not only recognized the page, the product and accelerated the purchase by instantly redirecting it to the cart, but was also able to add more information to each item and play a video.

The new Oriflame Learning Hub for global e-learning is out

Another application we have recently released for Oriflame is the e-learning platform, where consultants can quickly and easily find all courses and trainings, improve, be more effective and thus increase the company’s profit at the end of the day, and we enjoy its popularity.

Oriflame Learning Hub app

And that’s not all

We definitely don’t stop there. We will continue to take care of the stability and development of the current application.

We are looking forward to new challenges like Oriflame Learning Hub with our favorite client.

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