Apps we are proud of


An app currently used by over 1,000,000 people in 60 countries. Our primary assignment was to develop an app that would make it easier to order your favorite cosmetic products, but we have not stopped there and created much more for Oriflame.

Direct finance

The dream of everyone in charge of company finances. By linking with MasterCard, the person in charge of all company budgets has an immediate insight into what is being spent on the business cards. Plus, the money can be transferred within seconds, according to the current need.


By far the biggest app we have ever built. It has over a hundred screens and we have worked on it for over 2 years. Fiddo is a social network from dog lovers to dog lovers. Inside, you'll find useful tips and advices, you can share videos and photos, plan events, use chat or GPS locator. A lot of work we have enjoyed a lot.

Direct echo

It's a sure thing that we can make apps. But we can also handle IoT without any problem. We have proved that on the Direct echo project, where we connected the app with motion and water sensors. The user will get an instant notification whenever something happens.

Festival svobody

We have made advertising posters and CLV alive. In addition to the existing posters edicated to the Velvet Revolution, which were displayed at Czech high schools and universities, we also added periodic videos, photos of graphics and thus increased engagement of students who interacted with them.

SYNEVISION - augmented reality

We will enhance your catalogue, poster, painting, advertising formats or a real with a new digital dimension. We will add video, text or lead a customer directly to your e-shop. All the customer needs to do is to point the device towards an object. Where can you find SYNEVISION? For over 2 years, we have been managing pictures of Oriflame catalogues and simplifying the purchases. We have made advertising posters for Festival svobody alive. We've added periodic videos, graphics into exhibition posters about Velvet Revolution and engaged the high school students.

Objevte Více Muziky

Our trip to the lifestyle world. By scanning receipts, the users get codes for which they can use to visit the best festivals and events. We were not afraid to create a collage generator that could be used for instagram competitions to link the app and offline business with social networks.

Poopy Doopy

We are not only dealing with business challenges, but also with everyday human issues. If you have ever had a bit of a situation in your bathroom, you can avoid the embarrassment next time by using the Poopy Doopy app. You can cover up the noise of your serenade with the sound of a fan, hair dryer, or jet engine.

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