THE PRACTICE OF MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT or what have we learned from each other

You can learn what the theory of mobile app development looks like from the previous paragraphs. But what is the practice of it? What if a client has global ambitions, really specific requirements, a delicate problem, or a tight deadline?

When a little becomes a lot

We entered the world of cosmetics in 2015 with what was initially supposed to be a small project for the Chinese division of the company.

The first assignment was to create an app to surf the web pages.
We had to deal with the different requirements of various markets, so we chose a hybrid between web view and native app for the solution.

What about the client

They were excited!

Since then we have had requests for more and more native functions which is how a small project became a long-term collaboration of over three years now. At this date our application development has taken over 10,000 working hours.

Right now

The application is currently running in 50 countries and is used by 150,000 users per day. Last but not least we have also created a special SYNEVISION algorithm that recognizes catalog products through photography. QR codes and rewriting long numbers on your phone are long gone!

What have we learned?

Technical processes to develop mobile apps with global overlap. We should not forget to mention that this project taught us to work effectively within the specifics of local markets.

What are the benefits for the client?

What are the benefits for the client?

Not only does the app save Oriflame customers a lot of time thanks to a user-friendly interface and a range of features, but thanks to our SYNEVISION algorithm, we have made life easier for buyers and cosmetics retailers as well.

And that's not all

Oriflame wanted more than just one application from the SYNETECH crew. We have also developed an orderpad, a wellness application that tracks movement or food intake, and we are not done yet. We are looking forward to new projects with our favorite client.

Synetech - Oriflame app


The brief was clear

Create a dream app for every finance manager.

The book keeper wishes to have maximum insight into the company's spending and at the same time can distribute funds in real time to other employees’ credit cards.

Time is the best motivator

We've had about a month to develop the mobile app and if you're not familiar with the world of programming, let's say the timing was tighter than tight. It certainly did not discourage us. Who doesn’t like a challenge?

Under normal conditions

After approval of the brief and graphics, the development of mobile apps takes place in the form of fourteen-day programming sprint run rounds, followed by the client’s feedback and comments and then the round continues.

Under time pressure improvisation was necessary

On the 15th of August, the brief was introduced and on the 1st of October it was due to go into the stores.

The sprint run rounds were cut into weekly ones and we doubled on developers.

Since we did not have the full brief, we decided to fix the bugs on the go and long story short we did everything we could in order to meet the tight deadline.

What have we learned

Two important things. We can improvise and do anything for our clients - even if it seems almost impossible. And to be completely honest, we also learned that we should never underestimate time analysis. During the development of the app, we found that the application was twice as big as we originally estimated.

What are the benefits for the client?

A functioning app delivered on the date it needed to be finished. In addition to being useful, it is also updated and enhanced by new features daily. We also took care of UX and graphics.

Synetech - Oriflame app

Direct finance

For those who love this type of work, we always have a spot open.